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Badilany Parti
General Contractor

Partibandar Utama

Telecommunication &

IT Solution


Akasopa Transparti
Trading & Oil Distributor





Palar Batubara, He graduated from University of 17 Agustus, Jakarta majoring in Business Administration. As the Chairman of PARTI Group he has various positions in organizations such as member of parliement for 2 consecutive periods in 1987-1997, Head of Yayasan 17 Agustus 1987-1997, Deputy Secr. Gen DPP Serikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia (SPSI)1990-1995, Head of FKP Golf Club 1993-1997. One of his current position today is as the Chairman of Presidium Alumni Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasional Indonesia (GMNI).



  President Director

Doli Nainggolan, He graduated from The City University of New York majoring Electrical Engineering. Before joining PARTI Group he is in charge of Alcatel’s Optical Network Tendering Division responsible for South East Asia Region.




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