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Badilany Parti
General Contractor


Partibandar Utama

Telecommunication &

IT Solution


Akasopa Transparti
Trading & Oil Distributor


PT Partibandar Utama, specialized in Network Service Providing. Instead of creating the software, PBU is also an agent of VSAT (Very Small Aveture Terminal), OEM China Putianís produce GSM, CDMA, SDH, PDH. Partibandar Utama partner relationship with Zenitel Maritim Radio, Ntegrator alarm system solution supporting communication software and other telecommunication software.


Partibandar Utama particularly implement maintenance for Fiber Optic and Telecommunication equipment which handled professionally and 24 hours stand by assistance in order to anticipate damage & data lost caused by civil work and other external caused along the route of Fiber Optic user.



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